Name of the mission Country customer Name start Date Date of completion Description of services provided
Elaboration of a master plan of management of special wastes and a feasibility study for the creation of a national centre for disposal of special waste MOROCCO Secretariat of State in charge of Water and Environment , KfW 05/09 11/10
  • Elaboration of a model calculation of the cost dynamics
  • economic and financial Analysis of the project
technical Study of sanitation, water of industrial areas in Tunisia for the treatment of industrial waste water TUNISIA ONAS, KfW-EIB 03/12 12/12 Profiles of current financing of investment for treatment facilities of industrial waste water :
  • Description of the modes of financing of the current wastewater treatment industrial collective stations ONAS. Is there a special funding for the share of investment relative to the treatment of industrial waste water ?
  • Systems and potential rate of recovery of current investment costs of treatment facilities of industrial sewage (WWTP ONAS)
  • Description and legal basis of the modes and instruments of financing of the installation of individual (pre-) treatment of industrial waste water on the existing site :
  • critical Analysis, and summary of modes and options current funding of the wastewater treatment in Tunisia
economic Study of the variants of collection, transfer and treatment of industrial waste water in the project areas
  • Estimation of the cost dynamic (investment / operating)
  • sensitivity Calculations on different settings
Study of the market and of the potential role of the private sector in the sector of the management of household waste and similar TUNISIA Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Environment and spatial Planning, USAID 01/1995 05/1996
  • Analysis of the current situation of the solid waste sector in Tunisia
  • Analysis of the costs and sources of revenue for the solid waste management
  • Identification of models of contract between the State and the private sector for the management of household waste and similar (data collection, scanning, controlled landfilling, sorting centre, transfer centre)
  • Analysis of costs of contracts for the management of household waste and similar (data collection, scanning, controlled landfilling, sorting centre, transfer centre)
Study of the concession of the city sports 7 of Radès TUNISIA Directorate General of Privatization, Ministry of Youth and Sports 04/2005 12/2006
  • Study of the potential demand ;
  • Study of the pricing.
Study on the national strategy for private sector participation in the field of liquid purification in Tunisia TUNISIA Ministry of Economic Development ONAS USAID 01/1995 05/1996
  • Definition of a program of participation of the private sector
  • Definition of an institutional framework, regulatory and financial
  • Identification and estimation of the impacts on the institutions and existing structures, and definition of accompanying measures
Study of the concession of the sewage treatment plant in El Allef (Tunis South) TUNISIA ONAS World bank 07/2005 09/2010
  • Analysis of the pricing of sanitation
  • Participation in financial modeling
  • economic Evaluation of the project
feasibility Study for the construction of a controlled landfill and facilities thereto for the basin of the Medjerdah TUNISIA ANGED 04/2009 10/11
  • Analysis of the institutional framework, tax and financial
  • Proposal for an institutional framework of solid waste management in the Valley of the Medjerdah
  • economic and financial Analysis of several variants of technical and institutional solid waste management
  • Study of cost-effectiveness and determination of the cost price dynamic
Study of executive, legislative, institutional / organizational and economic / financial of the sludge storage STEP on the site of Kabouti TUNISIA ANGED 09/2009 03/12
  • Analysis of the institutional framework, tax and financial
  • Proposed a schema for the institutional management of sewage sludge in the Greater Tunis
  • economic and financial Analysis of several variants of technical and institutional solid waste management
  • Study of cost-effectiveness and determination of the cost price dynamic
Technical Assistance Mission for the Delegation of Services Operating from the Centre of Hazardous Waste Treatment and 3 IRST to a Private Operator " TRANSACTION ADVISOR " TUNISIA ANGED 01/2008 10/2008
  • Diagnosis of the legal framework, institutional and financial
  • Concept of the delegation of the operation of the services
  • Proposal of a fee schedule
  • Preparation of the estimate confidential
  • Participation in the preparation of the DAO for the delegation to an operator, private of the operation of the Center for Treatment of Hazardous Waste and 3 IRST
Study of the telecommunications market and the development of a tool of economic modelling and regulatory TUNISIA Instance Nationale des Télécommunications World bank 05/2006 08/2009
  • Diagnosis and analysis of the current situation (financial, economic and institutional)
  • suggestions and recommendations
Study on framework conditions, institutional and financial management of household and similar waste in Morocco MOROCCO Department of the Interior, KfW 05/10 10/11
  • Study of financial instruments for the GDMA
  • Analysis of the costs and revenues of the municipalities for the services of GDMA
  • Specification of the computer tool of cost analysis of the GDMA
  • Proposals for the development of financial instruments of the GDMA
  • Identification of priority fields of action and concept of implementation
  • Organization of a study tour and a workshop of restitution
technical Assistance for the establishment of a cell for monitoring and control of the contracts with the private sector ALGERIA METAP Ministry of spatial Planning and the Environment 05/06 08/06
  • Diagnosis of the current procedures for monitoring and controlling the management of solid waste in Algiers ;
  • Proposal of a manual of procedures for the monitoring and control of the operations of collection and disposal of solid waste from household ;
  • Return the results in a national workshop
Study of the making of a tool of financial simulation adapts to projects of concession port in Tunisia TUNISIA Office of Merchant Navy and Ports 09/03 11/04
  • analysis of the pricing of the services port.
  • the analysis of the demand and the estimation of the potential demand ;
  • Participation in financial modeling
Study design and establishment of an investment fund for the recovery of waste TUNISIA ANGed, KfW 07/11 02/12
  • a Brief analysis of the sector of waste recycling (in the wider sense) in Tunisia
  • the current Situation on the market and the commitment of the private sector in the waste recycling
  • economic Analysis
  • Development of the basic concept regarding the structure and management of the project
  • Support during the preparation, organization and implementation of a consultation with the ANGed
Development of a strategy on the reduction of the use of flexible packaging, the promotion of their substitutes and the promotion of the recycling of packaging are thrown MAURITANIA Ministry delegate to the Prime Minister in charge of Environment and Sustainable Development 10/11 02/12
  • the Review of the literature and reference
  • the analysis of the mauritanian context and recommendations
    Proposals and recommendations :
  • strategic Directions, priorities and guiding principles of the action plan
  • regulatory framework and adequate legal to the implementation of the strategy
  • Mechanism of permanent funding
  • action Plan and a detailed budget to pay two years of pilgrimage
Assistance in the implementation of the investment project ONAS IV : support to capacity building of ONAS TUNISIA ONAS, EIB 11/09 In progress
  • The development of a model of financial programming of the project ONAS IV, overall and by components, and tracking of disbursements
  • Assistance provider ONAS in the monthly monitoring of the financial situation of the project ONAS IV
  • to Establish the united nations planning actual performance of the works and disbursements by introducing the "PRESET"
  • Support for the ONAS in the operation of a follow-up study to update the Sanitation master Plan of Greater Tunis (PDA-GT) constructed by the consortium Cabinet Merlin – COMETE
  • to Edit the file for financial monitoring established by the AT/IGIP for the monitoring of the project ONAS IV so as to be able to integrate other investment projects
Study of opportunity of the enlargement of the field of application of the tax for the protection of the environment and the establishment of specific funding for waste batteries and waste cooking oils TUNISIA ANGed 09/10 11/10
  • to Study the opportunity of the introduction of a reference
  • Author of the scope of this reference.
  • Providing the conditions of application of this reference (lump sum, proportional to the selling price, differentiated according to the nature of the equipment and the type of data collection and processing to undergo, etc)
  • Determine the(s) and amount(s) of this reference.
  • Author of the un, the planning of the implementation of the set
Development of the Programme of action for the sectors concerned in the framework of the PRONGIDD TUNISIA ANGed, the GiZ 03/08 09/09
  • analysis of the current context
  • strategy Development
  • action Program
  • Dates and costs
  • supporting Measures