Due to its excellent knowledge of the Tunisian economic "fabric" and the diverse training and experience of its managers, SMART CONSULT has, since its inception, considered corporate advice to be one of its major service areas for development and has given this area a constant effort to obtain excellence.
Thus, SMART CONSULT has always concerned itself with "customer satisfaction" as it works with its clients to satisfy their needs and requirements and as it seeks to provide them with tailored financial and technical expertise.
In particular, SMART CONSULT has carried-out, on behalf of important Tunisian companies and industrial groups, special diagnostic and industrial restructuring studies, commercial and financial studies, market studies, and prospective strategy studies in order to define, together with its clients, the possible direction for the industrial and commercial development of their companies.”
Specifically, business consulting covering the following missions:


The formidable challenge of liberalization of the Tunisian economy and its openness to the European Union led the Tunisian Government to question the new tasks of his administration. This new situation implies in particular the reshaping of its intervention areas, to develop private sector participation in the provision of "public services", such as the environment, drinking water supply, production and distribution energy, transport, education or health.
Since 1995, SMART Consult, in collaboration with US consultants, attended the Tunisian Government and its specialized agencies to liberalize the sector sanitation and solid waste management and promote private sector participation in the provision of services.
In particular, SMART Consult has conducted on behalf of the Ministries of the Interior and the Environment several studies aimed to identify possible modes of private sector participation in financing, implementation and infrastructure management in the field of the environment.
Specifically, the board at the Administration covers the following tasks:


specifically, the tasks of CSR covers the following aspects: